Saturday, February 11, 2006

The entry to the Hotel Guayabios. We had breakfast here this morning. We have decided that if we come here again, instead of a house for a month, we could rent what they call a �bungalow� in here. A suite for 4, nice kitchen, balcony with chairs and table outside, service every day, very clean and nice, for about what we paid for our house for a month. It would be quieter sleeping, they have dancing, (even lessons) Spanish lessons, music and other entertainment everyday, and a great food service. It�s only 2 blocks from the beach. The pool is sparkling clean and nice. We�ve looked at a lot of places, this one appeals to us the most so far. We love our house, but once may be enough, unless it was going to be for a real extended time. With the house, you have all the little problems you have here�.water, utilities, etc. plus the sweeping, upkeep, fast growing shrubs and plants, etc. We�re glad to be here, but ����..ready for something different.


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